Back To School Stress

Is it more than just hectic? 

The first week of school is busy. Sometimes it starts even before the first day of school. It goes from lazy summer vacation to getting up early every day. Then there are the parent nights, back to school socials, sports, clubs and events.  It's not just busy for students, but for parents, too.  Keeping kids on track and getting them 'early to bed and early to rise' can be rough on the whole family.  Generally, getting into the groove just takes a few weeks, then the hubbub and excitement die down and everyone finds their footing.  For this, I recommend just a little self care, including massage and/or chiropractic care.  

But what if it's more?  Severe fatigue or sleepiness isn't just a normal part of the teen years. It could be a sign of a more serious health issue, such as a thyroid or an autoimmune disorder.  Additionally, the sun is already setting earlier; as the light gets lower, there is also the possibility of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or even depression.  For some kids, the beginning of school creates a lot of anxiety; any change in routine causes a fair amount of anxiety, but the start of a new school year (especially if it's a new school, or moving up to junior high or high school) can be rough.  Some kids may even have ADHD or other issues that make school particularly difficult.

If you or your child are not settling in to the new schedule as easily as you would hope, it may be time to get some help.  If there's no obvious cause for the symptoms, it's time for an initial health screening.  Many conditions may be addressed by supporting your health with lifestyle changes and specific nutrition, like increasing vitamin D or light therapy.  Some people may have a genetic alteration with one healthy gene and one altered gene that slows down detoxification in the liver, and decreases production of seratonin, dopamine, or other molecules that can affect mood.  It goes unnoticed during times of low stress, because one good gene is enough to take care of business as long as there isn't a lot of demand for production of those molecules.  However, as demand increases when you're under stress, one good gene is not enough anymore. Here at Tranquility Natural Health, we do the genetic testing to see if this might be an underlying source of your condition and what natural options you have for treatment and support. We can also help put together a comprehensive plan even if you are working with a therapist or psychologist.  You may be able to avoid medication or limit the dose with proper treatment. 

From normal, every day stress to more complicated health issues, Tranquility Natural Health is here to help. (503) 305-7762