Dr. Angela McKaye, DC, ND

When I started chiropractic college, I was more than 130 pounds overweight.  I gained it quickly, suddenly during my first pregnancy due to undiagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I did what the medical doctor told me, I took 'the pill,' and tried to 'eat less and exercise more.'  I got a personal trainer, and worked out three days a week with her, and then was at the gym three more days per week.  I was on a 1200 calorie per day diet.  

Not only was I miserable, but I was gaining weight.  It defied all the metabolic and nutritional advice I had learned via conventional wisdom and in chiropractic college.  My trainer and my doctor were both convinced I was 'cheating,' but I was hungry, tired and unhappy.  When I called several endocrinology offices to get help with the PCOS, I was asked, 'Do you have diabetes yet?  We can only see you if you have diabetes.' I didn't want diabetes.  That's why I was calling!  I gave up and went on the what-the-hell-ice-cream-diet.  Remarkably, my weight stabilized.  

I had not had a weight problem prior to my first pregnancy, and it was a big learning experience for me.  People treated me differently, everyone from grocery store clerks to my peers, and even my doctors.  I dreaded clothes shopping, and ended up wearing mostly baggy, unflattering clothes that did nothing to boost my self-esteem. There was a lot of judgement about what I must be eating, yet I didn't eat junk food or fast food.  I had a really healthy diet.  If you looked at my cholesterol, blood sugar and every other measure marked by lab work, I looked perfectly healthy, much to my physician's astonishment, (and obvious irritation).  Even today, post weight loss, I have had a physician assume that I'm not finished losing, and I must have a smaller goal weight I am trying to reach.

On the way home from chiropractic college one day, I was at a stop light and in the car next to me was a man.  A skinny man.  He was alternately smoking and eating a Twinkie.  I knew then that at whatever weight I was then, I was in better shape than that guy.  It was then that I was convinced that health was determined by more than size.  

I was seeing patients in the clinical portion of my training by that point. I see patients every day with pain.  Low back pain.  Neck pain.  Knee pain.  You name it.  I can't tell you how many people come in apologizing for their symptoms, saying, "My doctor says my xxxxx pain will go away if I lose weight."  And they got better with treatment, with or without weight loss, and were able to start being more active and healthy from care.  

I got a really great education in physical medicine in chiropractic college.  Because of my experiences and frustrations with failed care in my own treatment, I really wanted to learn more about internal medicine.  There are lots of post graduate diplomate programs, but I had an interest in nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy, so I felt the best fit for me was naturopathic medical school.  

During naturopathic medical school, with the tools I learned there, I was able to shed over 130 pounds effortlessly.  I was never hungry.  I started gaining more energy, and more joy.  I made a lot of changes in my life, many of which had nothing to do with diet, and they all led to greater happiness and well being.  

I believe in health at any size.  I don't specialize in weight loss, but where ever you are on the scale, it is possible to be healthier, have more energy, and live a happier and more fulfilling life.  I specialize in addressing chronic health issues.  

I believe in taking responsibility for your own health, and that requires a good education to make the right choices.  I am here to work as an advocate, educator, cheerleader, and give you the very best information available for your well being, without judgment or shame.  

Whether you want a more natural approach to your health care, or you have a tough issue that hasn't responded well to conventional medicine, I am here to help.  I am happy to work with your medical provider on diet and lifestyle or alternative treatments that won't interfere with your traditional medical care.  


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