Please call our office at (503) 305-7762 if you have any questions or prefer to schedule over the phone. You may also email us at

Before your appointment, please fill out the forms for your particular appointment.  We're also happy to provide these for you, and we can either mail them to you, or you can come about 15 minutes early for your first appointment.  

Please bring your supplements and medications, or a list of what you are taking with the dosage information.  Also bring any lab reports or imaging reports and films/discs.  And if you are coming for a naturopathic appointment especially, please bring a food diary for what you've been eating and drinking for the past week so that the doctor can assess your nutritional status and make recommendations at the first visit.  If you have a complicated health history, or you don't have records to bring with you, we can email you a release of records for you to send to your other providers.   The more information you have on your first visit, the sooner we can help you get results!