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When is the last time you had a great night's sleep and woke feeling rested and energized, excited to take on the day?  

Are you suffering from chronic pain or other chronic disease, 

Or you're unhappy with your weight, and your hormones and mood are all over the place, 

You're depressed or anxious and your mind just won't stop,

You prop yourself up with caffeine, or you're just tired all the time?

 You can't give your all to your relationships, your job, or yourself.  Your health is forcing you to sit on the sidelines and just muddle through each day. 

It feels like your body has betrayed you, and you know you're out of balance. 

If you're ready to feel better, you've come to the right place.  

Whether you're dealing with a significant health issue, just not feeling your best, or want to feel even better, we can help.  

Our care is centered around your body, mind and spirit. We will tailor a treatment plan that honors your unique needs and goals.

 Welcome to Tranquility.



Success Stories

 "Dr. McKaye is one of the only doctors who has ever taken the time to look at the whole picture and see how even seemingly unrelated issues tie into my overall well being." -Pam B.

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