About 2 years ago, Kristen Zisk suffered a major car accident where she broke her humerus. Needless to day, it wasn’t very humorous. This bone connects the shoulder to the arm and the elbow, which is a pretty big bone to break.  Kristen's break happened to occur in her dominant arm. She was hospitalized and had major surgery. This was Kristen's first major injury, and it was terrifying. The surgery she had was to install plates and hardware to stabilize her arm. However, there would still be a great possibility that Kristen would not have the strength or extension that she had in her arm before the break. This scared the "you know what" out of her. The possibility of not being a fully functioning adult was real. Kristen decided to take matters into her own hands. Her father,  who had been involved in several automobile accidents in his life, told Kristen about Chiropractic treatment and said that she should give it a try. Kristen was surprised at how helpful the treatment was. After her first adjustment she was hooked, and she knew that she was going to get through it all. Six months after her surgery, Kristen went back to her surgeon and he was shocked. Kristen had almost 70% of her extension back in her arm and she was able to put weight on it. He asked her what she had been doing, and Kristen told him that Chiropractic work had changed her life. As a result, she knew that she wanted to learn more, and needed to be a part of the Chiropractic community. Being able to spread and share this knowledge with her peers is why Kristen loves what she does. Sometimes people don’t see the connection between chiropractic and overall health; she didn’t at first, but now Kristen believes it has changed her life. She finds it very rewarding and special to be the one to facilitate that gap. Since the accident, Kristen's hunger for more knowledge has spread to natural medicine and nutrition. Marrying these principles together has helped her grow, so she can be there to nurture the souls that need her help!



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Bailey Seibel is the Social Media Guru and Administrative Support at Tranquility Natural Health. She recently moved here from California to pursue an education in Public Health. Bailey has always known she wanted to work in healthcare, however it wasn't until her experience working as a program coordinator at a retirement home that she realized her true passion for holistic and alternative healthcare. It was at that point she learned the value of a person-centered approach by looking at, not just the physiological needs of a person, but also how the psychosocial, spiritual, cultural and intellectual needs all contribute to one's health. Naturopathic, acupuncture and chiropractic care fall right into this network of holistic health and she couldn't be more excited to be a part of it. When Bailey isn't working or at school you can find her hiking, reading, or blogging about her culinary endeavors.