aMANDA mILIAN,, lmt (#19796)

Amanda Milian has provided professional and compassionate healthcare for nearly twenty years in Key West and Vero Beach, Florida. Holistic health care is her passion and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with the local community at her new home, Tranquility Natural Health in Lake Oswego.

After graduating from the highly rated Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2016, Amanda traveled to Nepal for a two month volunteer immersion program with the Acupuncture Relief Project. There she learned many valuable lessons both professionally and personally. She found her calling with Chinese medicine, and helped so many grateful patients with chronic pain, skin conditions, allergies, and digestive ailments.

With a background in Massage Therapy, Aesthetics and Neuro Emotional Techniques, Amanda incorporates all of her training and skill when creating a treatment plan. Each one, customized to help you quickly and effectively reach your optimal health care goals and she is there to help guide you with Chinese Herbs, Nutritional advice and home care recommendations along the way.

Book your complimentary acupuncture or massage consultation today and look forward to an alternative medicine experience that’s one in a Milian!